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Childrens class Booking

Please complete the form to book in for the Strictly for Kids term. For trial a lesson, prior to committing to the term, please complete the booking form below and bring £6 in correct cash payment at the start of the lesson. By completing the form you agree you have read and understand our Child Protection Policy, available here and know the Terms and Conditions of your child or children joining outlined below:

What to Wear

To begin with children may wear anything they feel comfortable in. Following their first term, if they feel they would like to continue with the classes, we would like to encourage girls to wear a skirt or a dress (leggings may also be worn under the skirt) and boys to wear smart trousers (no shorts). Initially children can wear ordinary footwear that is light and will stay on their feet. Later on, children may wear dance shoes, but no heel over 3.5cm will be allowed.

Class Fees

Paid half-termly in advance. We accept cash or cheques to Viva La Dance Ltd. Payment is preferred online but is also possible via correct cash handed to the teacher prior to the term. Please mark your name clearly on a sealed envelope.

Collection Arrangements

Children under 12 years of age must be collected from the venue by a parent/guardian or another responsible adult appointed by the parent/guardian. For the first session or two we encourage parents/guardians to stay on the premises during the class – there is a waiting area in each venue. We do not allow spectators in the room during the sessions, however there are lessons (normally at the end of each half-term) where we invite parents and members of the family to watch what the children have been learning.

Should you have any queries please either e-mail or call us, or speak to the teacher before the classes.

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