Argentine Tango in Bath – a match made in heaven

Argentine Tango in Bath

James Joanna Bath

James & Joanna, professional dancers based in Bath, UK

Many years ago, Bath was alive with the masses attending Balls and social events in the beautiful period buildings in central Bath.

With the influence of international arts and cultures, Bath’s world heritage is evolving and currently features a world heritage status dance; the enigmatic Argentine Tango.

With Midnight Tango about to appear at the wonderful Theatre Royal in Bath, we explain why this is a poignant and befitting visit for our World Heritage city.

Bath’s Midnight Tango magnificence

It might not happen at midnight, but several night’s of the week Bath’s cultural quarters embrace the passion of the Argentine Tango. Complete beginners, curious for the experience of a lifetime in the arms of a loved one, take to the floor under the careful gaze of experienced teachers, about to work their magical introduction to the intimate world of the Argentine Tango. It’s more than first appears – behind every twist and turn there are nuances and a controlled, yet liberatingly shared experience. The same could be said for the wonderful city which is Bath, with it’s entanglement of history, quality and surely a romance to which most soon feel the effects.

The Tango Trance

Experienced Tango dancers stroll in, braced for their evening of magical enchantment, men keen to impress and ladies eager to indulge. The absorbing dance transports you to places otherwise beyond reach. It takes a consuming concentration which conveniently allows all the hustle and bustle of the day, all those niggles and pressures, to disappear somewhere unknown for a while as the artists set about creating the dance.

Tango dancers know the patience they must have to learn and develop their dance, bringing with it a quality that never stops growing – Bath wasn’t built in a day and neither is that magical Tango dancer. It takes many years to understand and develop the quality of movement seen in experienced Tango dancers. It’s great to experience those first few lessons of something new but then Tango is something to be nurtured, committed to and developed – the returns it gives are something beyond a casual night out together.

Gainsborough would have loved the Tango

Those who have helped nurture and develop Bath, with its World Heritage status have had similar experience with evolving the quality and growth of the city over time. Bath is a city steeped in history (whether you look back to Mesoliths, steam-loving Romans, the early Bath Chronicles or even to Sally Lunn’s Buns!) proudly displaying some of it’s delights to the touristic masses, but happily hiding some of the best cultural gems for it’s wonderful residents. It evokes an innate curiosity like the passion of the midnight Tango couple without any care but for what they are about to embrace.

So, Theatre Royal, we salute you and thank you for bringing not just a wonderful dance show to your stage but for bringing to Bath its dancing alter ego; the Argentine Tango, world heritage dance being embraced by a world heritage city.

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